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It used to be....

Personal Opinion

that unless a writer wanted to go through the sturm und drang (bug and bother) of
finding a publisher for their work, her/his reach was limited to a small circle of friends.
​But times have changed!

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Living Lightly -  On Life In An RV

But today....

Stories From Travels in India    

Investigative Journalism

I would love to hear from you with any personal insights or comments you'd care to share. 
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thanks to the Internet, even a semi-techno-savvy writer can be read by a much wider audience through self-published books, e-books, and personal blogs. I hope you enjoy reading some of my personal work I'll be posting here. And by the way, I only tell true stories - true as I remember them. 

Memoirs     (Pieces linked to a specific time in my life show the approximate year of their perspective)

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