** Front and back cover customization options:

  • Company logo
  • Company colors
  • Company contact information
  • Company slogan
  • Individual’s photo and contact information
  • Individual’s slogan

*Take Advantage of Volume Discounts

  • Work in a team?
  • Multiple offices or locations?
  • Order 50, 75, 100 or more for incredible savings!

Here's the Win-Win-Win Part

The Vendors.... get their name and contact information in

           the hands of newcomers to the area.

The Newcomers.... receive a highly valued, durable

           workbook and record of their move that they will keep

           and use daily.

The Ordering Business... has a promotional tool that will be

          kept and appreciated by their clients and customers for

          years to come, AND...

               Their preferred vendors' advertising included 

             in the book's Resource Directory makes the

             cost of the books incredibly affordable!

 Ready, Set, MOVE!  is the latest creative product of The Village Wordsmith.

It's  a Win-Win-WIN promotional item.

The Village Wordsmith


828.692.6329 or 828.243.5908 cell

The Village Wordsmith has turned Ready, Set, MOVE! into a Win-Win-Win business promotional item.

Here's how it works...

Contact the Village Wordsmith today to explore how your business can benefit from this creative product and innovative 21st Century business model.

The Village Wordsmith

"Ready, Set, MOVE!" is a fun and informative workbook full of tips, checklists and worksheets to help make moving a household from Point A to Point Z require minimal stress.  It's a delightful little book, full of humor and illustrations, designed to be useful for years to come - a welcome addition to the arsenal of anyone needing to make a move.

            But that's just the start of its value and appeal.

The Village Wordsmith Then Does the Legwork

  • We contact each of the ordering business's preferred local vendors.
  • We offer each the opportunity to have their business appear in the Directory of Local Resources on the back cover for a one time flat fee per copy in either a 2-line listing or display ad.
  • We produce and deliver the finished books to the ordering business, usually within one to two weeks ANYWHERE IN THE USA.

A Business Serving People On the Move...

  • Orders as few as 25 copies of Ready, Set, MOVE!*
  • Specifies how they want their covers customized** at no extra charge
  • Provides the Village Wordsmith a list of their preferred  vendors