The Village Wordsmith

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

George Bernard Shaw, from Leadership Skills for Managers

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Custom Writing Services

Copywriting, Creative Non-fiction and Business Writing

Based on your notes or sketches (even cocktail napkins), through our thorough consulting process, the Village Wordsmith will deliver a finished product that will make you look good in print: 

  • Brochure/flyer
  • Grant proposal
  • Business plan/annual report
  • Press release/letter to the editor
  • Instruction manual/slideshow
  • Your legacy: Personal stories and family memories        
  • Newsletter: in print and/or digital
  • ​Professional/civic association (like an HOA) policy guides
  • name it. No job too small.

Editing / Proofreading

The Village Wordsmith polishes your work by reviewing it thoroughly to offer a comprehensive path to completion.  We can also provide formatting and preparation of an existing document for print, e-pub or digital distribution to assure clarity and a professional look. Fact and reference checking available as an added service.

Bringing your ideas to life in print.